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Spring Cleaning Our Minds in Lewis County


Yes, it is nearly summer. 

That said, regardless of what the calendar says, it feels like Lewis County is trying to clear it's head from an unwanted-twelve-month hibernation. 

How many cold showers do we need to take until it feels like we're awake? 

The optimist is ready to jump back into life with full confidence that the future is brighter than the past. The pessimist is still trying to decide if they should dig their bunker even deeper and enjoy the last of their rations. 

Numerous questions seem to circulate on a daily basis. 

Will our favorite small businesses be here tomorrow? 
Will our children be able to attend school in the fall? 
Will we even be able to enjoy summer? 
Will things ever go back to . . .normal? . . . 

Whether or not we find answers to these questions, each one of us has the opportunity every day to influence the future of this place we call home. 

We're reminded constantly of the precarious predicaments this country finds itself in. It's easy to feel helpless, hopeless, misunderstood, unheard, and altogether bummed out. Like really bummed out. . . 

Then there's that simple yet profound and comforting beauty that comes from saying hi to your neighbor. They're a human. They have fears and doubts. This is where we live life. Right here. Right now. We can take comfort in our finite humanity knowing that there is an infinite God who is not confused by anything ever. Ever. Ever ever ever. 

The future success and wellbeing of a community is not found in it's businesses, governments, schools, or hospitals. Our future in Lewis County is decided by the individuals who reside here. Our future is decided on a daily basis by daily decisions made by everyday people. 

Our future is decided by you, our neighbor and fellow citizen.  

We haven't given up on growth and prosperity for our children and you don't have to either. 

Let's decide today to make this place a haven from a broken world. Say hi to your neighbor. Maybe even do it with a smile. :)               

 Blue water with docked boats and multiple buoys and wreath hanging off red wood building

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